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Top 5 reasons why having a job and a career is important

1. "A good day is a pay day!" If you earn money you can buy things you need, pay bills, have a place to love & do the things you want. Without money you can't do much!

2. Having a job makes you feel good. Knowing you can do something well and earn money for your skills is a great feeling.

3. When you work you contribute to the community. You help make the economy and your community stronger. You are being productive & a valued community member.

4. When you work you develop new skills, ;earn new things and create a record of employment. 

5. When you have a job or a career you have self-respect, diginity & self worth.

What is the difference between a career and a job?

A job is the work that someone does to earn money.

A career is all paid work, unpid work & life roles you have in a lifetime.


....A person usually holds several jobs in their career ....